Launching the new LensShield with much-improved design and ergonomics.

LensShield - Protects your expensive DSLR lenses from dust, extreme temperatures, bumps, scratches. A variety of design patterns to choose from and our camouflage patterns helps your long tele lenses to blend in with any environment. Easy to wear, in fact as easy as wearing a coat on the lens. 

The highly durable and long lasting LensShield also comes with comprehensive 1 Year manufacturer warranty.

LensShield made of high quality and flexible material. This unique 2 layer material, helps you to protect your lens from accidental minor bumps, unexpected water spills, dust, scratches and protect from extreme temperatures.

It is made with high-quality craftsmanship.  A unique two-layer StickStich technique used to seal off the seams. This dual layer protection makes sure that the seams are kept together well and last longer.

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